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How Can I Watch Live Streaming ABC? Find out Now!

Watch ABC Live Online Streaming (Public Stream)


American Broadcasting Company, also known as ABC, is one of top three television networks in the United States, headquartered in Manhattan. It has additional major offices and production facilities in several other cities across the country, including New York, Burbank, California and Los Angeles.

ABC started its operations way back in October 1943 as a radio network and extended its services to include television broadcasting in 1948. Presently, ABC Network boats of eight owned and operated as well as over 232 television stations scattered across the United States and some of its territories. Most viewers in Canada have access to at least one television channel by network either as over-the-air or via cable or satellite television providers.

Interesting Facts about the ABC Network

You have probably been watching lots of shows and programs brought to you by ABC but you have never taken the time dig deeper and find more information about your content provider. Here are a few facts about ABC which will change your whole perception of the network and make you start viewing it from a different angle-:

  1. They were the first network to have a female evening news anchor – Barbara Walters was the first woman to anchor evening news in the United States during a time when women were considered to be less effective in reporting hard news stories. ABC ignored the perception and gave Barbara Walters the chance and she never disappointed.
  2. They broadcasted live opening of Disneyland – ABC has strong affiliations with Disney, and when Disney Park in California was due for opening, they broadcasted the event live. Not only this, but also they aired a myriad of television programs featuring same names as the park, thus increasing the popularity of the park around the world.
  3. ABC Aired most watched TV Series in history –Roots was the most watched and discussed television series in history. When it was aired for the first time, it hit a viewership of 130 million, with the last episode attracting close to 100 million viewers. All the episodes of this famous television series continue to rank in the top 100 in Nielson’s list of top rated television shows.
  4. Was the first to allow pre-taped shows – ABC decided to set their services apart from the rest by doing what others were not doing – pre-recording shows. This was a move viewed to be critical in maintaining Bing Crosby’s show since he loved working in a recording studio as opposed to broadcasting the shows live. The concept soon picked up and other networks also started recording some of their shows.

    ABC Network Live Streaming Options

    If you wanted to have access to all your favorite programs and shows in ABC Network, you will be glad to know that there are several streaming options at your disposal. You no longer have to miss a show or your favorite TV episode since you were away from home when the show aired. All you need is to have a means of connecting to the internet and you will never be left behind on any of the shows. Below are a few of the streaming options available for the ABC Network:

    1) Live Stream through Sling TV

    If you want to have a truly awesome experience in streaming ABC program, then you won’t have any better options than Sling TV. Sling TV is a popular live streaming choice for millions of viewers in America and it also covers most of the regions, thus ensuring that ABC content is accessible to the majority. With an additional charge of $5 per month, you will access ABC programs on Sling TV so long as you have access to the internet.

    2) Watch ABC Online on Hulu

    Another great way to watch ABC on demand is by using Hulu services. When you become a Hulu subscriber, you will have access to most of the ABC shows shortly after they are aired, with most of them becoming available on the next day. With this, you will stay updated on shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Quantico, The Family, How to Get Away with Murder and many more.

    3) PlayStation Vue

    This is a latest cable television alternative service launched recently. It offers live streaming services like those of Hulu in the sense that you will access a bundle of channels available for streaming in your devices. The only caveats to using this services is that it is slightly expensive than similar services in the market and also it doesn’t have right to broadcast ABC shows live in the industry.

    4) Watch Online on ABC Website

    You can also watch shows online via the ABC website. You however need to be advised that the show posted on the websites are usually a week or two old and you may not find all shows posted on the website. In most cases, they post just a few that most of their viewers are interested in.

    Most Popular Programs in the ABC Network

    As noted earlier, ABC aired the most popular TV series in history, and even though the current crop of shows may not have historical numbers, the network still has some of the most viewed shows in the country. Here are a few of them:

    Grey’s Anatomy – this is a medical drama series which has been airing in the network for the last one decade. The series feature a group of doctors in a Seattle hospital and it tries to bring out the kind of relationship the doctors have to maintain amidst the demands of the strict profession.

    Watch the video below for an impression of this serie:

    Quantico – Quantico is a series based on the lives of young FBI recruits freshly minted from Quantico base in Virginia and are ready to take up responsibilities as special agents. All the agents are the best the institution can ever produce, but each has their own secrets as well as specific reasons for enlisting.

    Watch the video below for an impression of this serie:

    Shark Tank – Shark Tanks is a reality show that helps budding entrepreneurs bring their dreams and ambitions to fruition. They pitch their ideas to five industry Titans in the hope of getting one of them to offer funds for implementing the idea. It is up to the contestants to convince the sharks that the idea is a good one and which will bring forth the desired results. In some occasions, more than one shark is interested in an idea and this lead to a bidding war which makes the show to be more entertaining.

    Watch the video below for an impression of this serie:

    Other popular shows airing or which have aired on ABC Network in the past include Scandal, Agents of SHIELD, The Castle, The Catch, Dancing with the Stars, The Bachelor, The Middle and the Goldenberg amongst others.

    For more information, visit the official website of ABC.

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