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Please read the following instructions carefully:

Channels on this page use a special network protocol that require an external
(100% FREE) software to be downloaded. All channels below are not owned by Stream Global

You can view them exclusively on our site with an INTERNET EXPLORER browser!

You simply download and install the essential software (version 3.4.8 - ZIP file),
you come back to this page with an browser and simply pick a channel.

Now you might see something in your browser that resembles the following message:

Just... RUN the application or the tv signal will be blocked!

Make sure your firewall doesn't block the tv signal (you must give permission)

Voila, you are now ready to watch live tv...

It's recommended to be patient when a channel is loading. It is also perfectly normal for a channel to buffer in the first two minutes! All software on this site is 100% adware free. For any additional questions, please contact customer support. One more thing: these instructions are for WINDOWS pc's.


The above channels are regularly monitored and they normally work very smooth.
If you encounter technical problems, please contact support

Fortunately, MAC users with OSX are also capable of viewing these channels. Since this requires some additional setup, we have made it easy for you by putting all the instructions in an easy-to-follow video. Click here to watch it.